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Classic Nick Searcy (@yesnicksearcy) Campaign Video

Interacting with Nick Searcy on Twitter (@yesnicksearcy), I am reminded of a classic campaign video. Great mixture of humor and seriousness:

P.S. Nick's prediction for the election as of about 8:30PM Eastern, Tuesday, November 6:

A Plea to Vote and to Not Vote for a Fringe Candidate

It may not convince you, but here is Bill Whittle’s impassioned plea for you to vote, and not to do so for a third-party candidate:

“Conservatism is Calling”

Bill Whittle posted this on his Facebook page. Well worth the time to watch:

Dick Morris Thinking Positive Thoughts

Since recent pro-Obama campaign videos have been so depressing, let’s instead have some positive thoughts from Dick Morris:

Yes, the Videos Could Become Worse

Yes, neither of these are from the official Obama campaign like the one that likened voting the first time to losing your virginity, but these two newer ones prove there is no level certain people on the left will not go to lower the dialogue.

And do not press play on this one until there are no children who can hear (and even then it may be best not to watch since it is so foul)…

You can thank the Future Children Project for the first and for the second…

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