What Our Children Have Learned from Democrat Presidents

Well, more specifically, what our children have learned from the last two Democrat presidents…

From William Jefferson Clinton they learned that it’s okay to lie if (a) you get away with it or (b) it’s about sex.

I suppose, to be more specific, they learned from him, his party, and the Clinton-loving press, that their parents were liars when they said, “The ends don’t justify the means.”

Oh, and they learned that oral sex isn’t sex.

With Barack Hussein Obama (and his BFD Vice President, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.) our youngsters have learned there are no longer any bad words:

"Obama: Romney’s a ‘Bulls—–’"

I could continue to list all the other ways Clinton and Obama have degraded the office, but I should get back to work and only have so much hair left on my head…

Dick Morris Calls the Third Debate

I am, in great measure, in sync with Dick Morris’ take:

“President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation”

Definitely not a "safe and rare" approach from Obama…

(Hat tip to Albert Mohler's Twitter account.)

Almost Enjoyed it as Much as a Reagan Speech

I know you have probably seen it elsewhere by now, but Romney really deserves kudos:

Obama did decently well too, so his is worth also viewing: (more…)

Someone Who Would Have Saved the Auto Industry Correctly

Chrysler LogoFrom a man who truly knew how to save a car company:

After a lifetime of voting for and supporting Democrats — and even declining appointment to the U.S. Senate from a Democratic governor — Lee Iacocca Thursday endorsed Republican Mitt Romney for president.

(Hat tip to Drudge Report.)

A Beautiful Sight

RCP Electoral Map October 18, 2012

First time with more red than blue this election…

(An RCP Electoral Map.)

For Once, Listen to Mr. Bean!

Mr. BeanLittle would I have thought I’d be applauding the intelligence of Mr. Bean:

“Rowan Atkinson: we must be allowed to insult each other”

1st Amendment or not, don’t think we here in the United States are safe from this. Just look at what the Obama administration has been willing to suggest to appease radical Islam. We don’t have to worry as much about the tyranny of the masses (or majority) as we do the tyranny of sensitivity…

Speaking of Great New Songs

From the great man, Charlie Daniels:

Sometimes It Is Too Easy (Lobbyists)…

Sure, a Romney White House will suddenly cause the return of lobbyists

Awesome New Song by Collin Raye

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