“The Democratic National Committee banned dozens of Charlotte churches from distributing gift baskets to delegates…”

I thought it was a hoax when a friend on Facebook posted something about it, but the DNC would not allow churches to give gift baskets or even welcome letters “because of our views on women.”

“Benham said it’s no surprise that the Democrats have now removed God from their party platform.” Indeed.

(Although they did put God back in by overriding the clear voice of conventioneers who, at best, voted to restore it 50/50.)

“U.S. Army Commemorates Burning of Draft Card”

Only in Obama’s military would this be considered appropriate:

“U.S. Army Commemorates Burning of Draft Card”

(Hat tip to Drudge Report.)

As shown in the article:

Sums it Up… (VP Debate)

Point Stephen Colbert

Well, since the Daily Show video got me in the mood…this older one with Stephen Colbert and a guy from the Sierra Club is just as funny…and effective. :-)

Sorry…embed wouldn’t work…so you’ll have to click-through to it.

Point Daily Show (and Kudos)

Hot Air titled the post that included this video, "Must watch: 'Daily Show' destroys liberal columnist over 'civility' hypocrisy."

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